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At Interdata Solutions, we recognise the vital role effective communication plays in a successful company infrastructure.

Understanding the importance of selecting tailored communication services to meet your specific needs, we provide a comprehensive range of solutions.

Email Hosting

a person typing on a laptop with incoming emails

Providing server infrastructure and space for managing email accounts and communications for businesses and individuals.

  • Reliable Email Service

  • Professional Image

  • Enhanced Security

  • Scalability

  • Technical Support

IP Phone Systems (VoIP)

a person holding a phone on a desk next to a laptop

Modernise communication with internet-based phone systems, offering flexibility, cost savings, and advanced features for clients.

  • Integrations

  • Cost Savings

  • Flexibility

  • Scalability

  • Advanced Features

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

man in business suit holding a tablet with icons on it

Securely access private networks over the internet, ensuring data privacy and encryption for remote users and locations.

  • Enhanced Security

  • Remote Access

  • Data Privacy

  • Bypass Restrictions

  • Cost-Effective

Internet & Wireless Networks

fuuristic network web with wireless network symbol in centre

High-speed internet boosts productivity, enhanses collaboration, and enables seamless communication for businesses.

  • Enhanced Productivity

  • Reliable Connection

  • Security Measures

  • Technical Support

Messaging & Collaboration

a smiling person holding a smart phone in front of a black background

Facilitate real-time communication and teamwork, streamlining collaboration and increasing productivity for clients.

  • Streamlined Communication

  • Increased Productivity

  • Remote Collaboration

  • Centralised Information

  • Enhanced Security

Mobile Connectivity

night time cityscape with virtual network depicted

Access reliable satellite and 5G/4G services, ensuring seamless connectivity and communication for clients.

  • Enhanced Coverage

  • Faster Speeds

  • Improved Flexibility

  • Connectivity Redundancy

  • Scalability


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